Weekend Events, Plus San Francisco Real Estate News


This Sunday is the Alice Summerthing 2015 concert, a free music event in Golden Gate Park. The 2015 artist lineup is Kelly Clarkson, Mat Kearney, Rachel Platten, and Elle King. Doors for the show open at 10:30am, though you may want to show up closer to 8am to get a good spot for the show. For more info click here.

For all the Giants fans out there, this Friday night after the game against the Rockies there will be a huge fireworks show over AT&T Park. You don’t have to attend the game to watch the fireworks display, as there are a few free watching spots like Willie Mays Plaza, the 3rd Street Bridge, or across McCovey Cove. For more info, click here.

And don’t forget, this weekend is the 45th Annual Pride Parade. You can find more details here.


On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 6/21/15 – 6/27/15:

Home prices in San Francisco have increased so much and so fast, some people are naturally asking, “Is there another bubble coming?” Real estate consultant Carole Rodoni says emphatically, “No.”

During a recent speaking engagement, she argued that home prices have been driven up by the technology sector, and that sector is in a disruptive phase, reinventing entire industries – think Uber and Airbnb – and this invariably creates huge wealth.

What’s more, she says that homes in Tokyo cost $7,000 a square foot, and in Hong Kong $9,000 a square foot, and so in comparison San Francisco is a bargain even at $1,000 or $2,000 a square foot. She says these are the international cities we should be measured against – in part because, as with Tokyo and Hong Kong, land here is limited and buyer demand is extraordinarily high.

For more information on San Francisco’s local real estate market, click here to visit our Market Reports.


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